Many times women attempt to perform their monthly breast self-exams, but find themselves in a heavy state of fear and anxiety. 

Some of us tend to allow our minds to ramble with intense thoughts of "finding something" and therefore rarely complete our monthly exams more than once or twice a year.   

It's a known fact that our emotions, positive or (not so positive) fuel much of what goes on within our physical bodies. (Ever got a headache after a long and stressful day? Your "body" simply "got stuck" with all of the madness and how you chose to deal with it that day)


So What Does It Mean To

"Bless Your Breasts?"

Bless: (verb) to protect somebody or something: 

to watch over somebody or something protectively

It is the act of "REGULARLY" caring for your breasts.  Care that is free from fear, anxiety, worry, and stress.  Blessing Your Breasts allows you to convert all of those energies and redirect them.  Regularly caring foryour your breasts allow you to develop more focus and patience; important traits for maintaining healthy breasts.   When you Bless Your Breasts,  they naturally undergo an infusion of LOVE and ATTENTION.   

As we show new love and attention to our breasts, our brain finally "gets the message!"   Once your brain has received the message that you mean business, it will take over and speak to the rest of your immune system. This method of creating BREAST HEALTH will greatly affect generations to come.  It's easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to teach.  

Join us and numerous women who have committed to having healthy breasts!"


"Breast Blessing" is what we will teach our daughters.  With this knowledge in place, Breast Cancer will have to retreat to its lowest form.  NONEXISTENT!





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