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Breast Adoration till Eradication is an Awesome tool for imprisoned women.  We must remain mindful of the fact that these women can not access normal health systems, and often denied valuable and consistent breast health infomation.  They, too, are important; they need immediate tools to ensure their breast health.  This CD offers a superb opportunity for them to immediately take charge of their breast health.  It offers these women a moment of clarity, a moment of tranquility and the empowerment to establish a life-saving health regimen...which will serve them for a lifetime.

Breast Adoration till Eradication is now available to organizations desiring to reach out to imprisoned women, in a new and caring way.   It is our knowing that we all can play a valuable role in supporting these women.  Many times, a woman is confronted with the burden of breast cancer and she is ill-equipped with information that alerts her as to how to handle the seriousness of breast cancer.  Being imprisoned, doesn't necessarily leave the presence of mind to maintain breast health.  Though,  breast health is of extremely importance for all women. 

If your organization has an outreach program, or simply wants to do something different, please consider supporting imprisoned women in achieving breast health.  Our CD is a perfect form of support.  It will guide her through her breast self-exams in a relaxing, but structured way.  This CD is for her to use regularly while she is away from normal health systems. It will teach her to "Bless" her breasts.  The more women, in America, becoming breast wise and breast healthy, the better for women everywhere.  The ultimate goal is to drastically reduce the number of women that are losing their lives to this vicious disease. 

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