The CD every woman needs!

A Powerful Component to our Breast Care Model !  MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR GIRLS & WOMEN!   $11.00 U.S.

Newly Released! Soothing Breast Health CD

It's Finally Available!!


Breast Adoration till Eradication takes you on a Blissful Journey to Creating Breast Health. 

There is absolutely nothing like it!

Breast Adoration till Eradication  presents women with a profound and uniquely relaxing opportunity to spend frequent and focused time with their breasts.  This ground-breaking recording takes women beyond "ORDINARY" means of Breast Care. It lovingly expresses the importance of a woman's need to become aware of her ability and responsibility to bless her breasts. It is life-saving tool.

A must-have CD for ALL women.

$11.00 EACH

Breast Adoration till Eradication  facilitates an empowering and blissful breast experience that will be used through the ages.  It creates a healthy and sustainable bridge between the mind, body and spirit.  Through its regular use, a woman's breasts are consciously acknowledged and adored.  Healthy changes occur with minimal effort!


Let the musical tones permeate your entire being.  Absorb the beauty between each note.  As you Bless or Examine your breasts, be inspired to boldly relax beyond mankind's understanding. 

Be At Peace With Your Breasts!

Breast Adoration till Eradication will help you to find, experience, and surrender to your inner-healer, your quiet, your SELF.

Allow the balance that you discover  to take you to Health's Golden Gate; enter, then take what is yours.




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